short story Reader Alice

I contributed a short story Reader Alice to The Digital Aesthete by Alex Shvartsman who is the chief editor of UFO Publishing.

The story is about generative AI, and I wrote my thought on this short story. In this story, I discribed a world after LLM rushing. I hope you like it. Keep it tunes for publishing, and please read the essay by Alex. He will attend several panels on convention.

I believe generative LM will help our writing or another works, and at the same thought, and I believe I can serve ideas and works for language models for analysing fictions, critisize my works, developing the reading out programs, even or writing cyberpunks better than me. But I believe it is not the way of picking up roughly from piracy box.

I have entire writing history on my git. Imagine if writers provide the git repository of the draft, fiction LM would have more accuracy and have a power rather than ever. Piracy picking developer can’t do it.

I’m going to consider, struggle and make the future not to killing to writing or stealing the past. Making language models is slowly, but writing fictions and contributing is the step to there for me.

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