Violation of the TrueNet Securty Act is on the list

According to File 770, My first translated short story The Violation of the TrueNet Security Act( translated by Jim Hubbert, title father is John Joseph Adams.) is on the ToC of The Big Book of Cyberpunk arrives September 26.

Violation of the TrueNet Securty Act is not only the first translated work, but also my first commercial work and the first short-story. Original Japanese title was Collaboration , but John Joseph Adams guessed to change as this fascinated one.

Story is about how computers get lives. In setting, internet was abandaoned, and the TrueNet connects computers each others. Protagonist is an old type engineer maintains internet-generation servers. He is watching the working internet-server and taking down with reporting. But someday, he found his coded internet-server on his watching list. The server was working along his design, but the code was changed with strange way…

The bell for the last task of the night started chiming before I got to my station. I had the office to myself, and a mug of espresso. It was time to start tracking zombies.

I took the mug of espresso from the beverage table, and zigzagged through the darkened cube farm toward the one strip of floor still lit for third shift staff, only me.

Violation of the TrueNet Security Act from

Thanks to my first English editor Nick Mamatas who submitted this to LightSpeed and recommended it to this book.

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