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Latest from the Blog

Violation of the TrueNet Securty Act is on the list

According to File 770, My first translated short story The Violation of the TrueNet Security Act( translated by Jim Hubbert, title father is John Joseph Adams.) is on the ToC of The Big Book of Cyberpunk arrives September 26. Violation of the TrueNet Securty Act is not only the first translated work, but also my first…

short story Reader Alice

I contributed a short story Reader Alice to The Digital Aesthete by Alex Shvartsman who is the chief editor of UFO Publishing. The story is about generative AI, and I wrote my thought on this short story. In this story, I discribed a world after LLM rushing. I hope you like it. Keep it tunes…

Multilingual Plugin

Switched multilingual plugin to Polylang from WPML. Until now, I have been using the historical multilingual plugin WPML, but the toolset had been getting bigger than I wish.

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