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Novelette Height of the Moon

The latest novelette Height of the Moon is published in the January 2021 issue of monthly literature magazine Shosetsu-Gendai. An editor started a collection about travel from this issue, and he asked me to contribute. Thinking about travel was very interesting during this long quarantine for me. And more, writing about travel would be aContinue reading “Novelette Height of the Moon”

serial novel Augmented Sky

The second issue of Augmented Sky was published on Digital Bungei-Shunju vol35 January 2021. Augumented Sky is based on my personal history when I was high-school student. I lived in a dormitory of Kagoshima Kinkowan Highschool. The name of that dormitory is Seisui Ryo, where was managed by students with hard rules like the military.Continue reading “serial novel Augmented Sky”

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