Contribution Japan SF in 2022

I contributed to the “Literary Yearbook 2023” compiled by the Japan Writers’ Association, writing an overview of last year’s Japanese science fiction.

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My slot is only one-page spread, 2,000 words.  Then I compressed introducing prominent SF author’s works, awards winners, and famous works.  As for making the spaces, I introduced online movement and the writing career building from short stories.  It was necessary to write about the SF writing school held by Nozomi Omori.

What I couldn’t miss personally was SF prototyping. While there may be criticism of the collaboration between commerce, industry, and literature, there is no doubt that it has been instrumental in maintaining the presence of SF in a year where all forms of consumption have stagnated. Although I couldn’t cover all the pros and cons, I have introduced it briefly within the limited space available.

In addition, I have dedicated some attention to translation, which constitutes a significant portion of SF. I mention the emphasis on introducing Chinese and Korean SF, but it was mainly motivated by the translation of Octavia E. Butler’s short story collection “Bloodchild.” This translation played a significant role in taking on this overview.

Looking back, 2022 was enjoyable, but also exhausting, so I would like to pass it on to someone else next year.”

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