contributed a short story Jovian-flu for an anthology SF written for Post Coronavirus

I contributed a short story Jovian-flu for an anthology SF Written for Post Coronavirus (ポストコロナのSF) which will be published by Hayakawa Shobo in 15th April.

Book information of SF Written for Post Coronavirus

Setting of Jovian-flu is on the floating city on the air of Jupiter in 23rd century. People used dozens of small machines inside of their body; extended muscles, memory supporting, hormone controllers, and ATP pumps for breathing electricity.
Haruna, born in lunar city had moved to there because his pollution study was fault at moon, saw a woman got down at the stop of commuting train. With folding her body and shaking head means that, a small program named GCE-73 which was born in Jupiter cities had expanded to all implants computers of her.
People around her got started to escape, GCE-73 infected via near-computer network, but didn’t move. When the person saw an attack of that computer bug, program had been infected to people standing in a meter range.
Somebody called this infection as Jovian-flu…

Story of Jovian-flu is above. It’s good portion and I want you to read in translation.

The anthology is founded by Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan. Past chair Jouji Hayashi got an idea and brought his plan to Japanese largest SF genre publisher Hayakawa shobo at last summer. Contributors are gorgeous. Current chair Haruna Ikezawa wrote an opening words and the last essay was contributed by the former chief secretary Kiyomi Kishima, introduction for works by Dohjin Miyamoto.

And the number of short story contributes is nineteen, eighty nine works are collected (Because of this large number is the final listed contributor Yusakku Kotano gave seventeen minimum fictions). ToC is below.

小川哲「黄金の書物」/伊野隆之「オネストマスク」/高山羽根子「透明な街のゲーム」/柴田勝家「オンライン福男」/若木未生「熱夏にもわたしたちは」/柞刈湯葉「献身者たち」/林譲治「仮面葬」/菅浩江「砂場」/津久井五月「粘膜の接触について」/立原透耶「書物は歌う」/飛浩隆「空の幽契」/津原泰水「カタル、ハナル、キユ」/藤井太洋「木星風邪(ジョヴィアンフルゥ)」/長谷敏司「愛しのダイアナ」/天沢時生「ドストピア」/吉上亮「後香(レトロネイザル) Retronasal scape」./小川一水「受け継ぐちから」/樋口恭介「愛の夢」/北野勇作「不要不急の断片」


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