TV program, World SF Writers Conference

I’m going to attend the TV program, The Second World SF Writers Conference broadcasting in 26th Jan 2021 at 26:05 from Fuji TV. The theme of this program is a big issue, How Human Being Will be Ruined.

Program site: the Second World SF Writers Conference

The theme is not on the edge of the current SFF literature, but the members are great. Headliner is Motoko Arai who debut as highschool student in 1977, and developed the Light Novel; sub-genre of Japanes SFF. She keeps publishing good novels. Second writer, Haneko Takayama is young and good SFf writer who won Japanese biggest mainstream literature awards Akutagawa Award. SFF folks might see her at several WorldCon. Third young guy is Satoshi Ogawa. He won Japan SF Grand Prize with his second novel. And me. We chatted about that big theme, How we are Human-Being will be Ruined?

As to titling of this program, the World, participants are not only Japanese. Ken Liu, Cixin and Kim Choeyop share their ideas about the theme on video messages. All of their words were great, as reading their works.

The staff works are perfect, hero-image is by Takehito Moriizumi, the comic is by Natsujiro Miyazaki, voice actress/actor are Yakushimaru Etsuko and Shohei Takagi, and sounds are done by Kensuke Ushio. I’m looking forward to watching it.

Update: All the program and additional part is uploaded on YouTube. Enjoy.

As titling second, we had another program in summer. Fuji TV archived on YouTube. Watch it below.

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