serial novel Augmented Sky

The second issue of Augmented Sky was published on Digital Bungei-Shunju vol35 January 2021.

Augumented Sky is based on my personal history when I was high-school student. I lived in a dormitory of Kagoshima Kinkowan Highschool. The name of that dormitory is Seisui Ryo, where was managed by students with hard rules like the military. Students only have three by nine feet bed and studying desk in a small room living with other grades students.

The mission of the dormitory was set hardly: Second and first-grade students should support top-grade students to succeed in the entrance exams for good universities. Keep clean room, keep silent, and serve all the life. Of-course first-grade students work for room hardly. The dormitory was placed beside the high school, and when the volcano exploded, first-grade students should interrupt classrooms and running back to the room, and bring laundries back inside a room in order to keep out from ashes. Running, cleaning, and obeying were all for the first-grade students’ acts.

When I told my editor about that dormitory life, they grinned.
“Give us in a serial novel, it should be great entertainment”
“Is it interesting?”
Then started.

The setting year is in 2024, a few years future available soon. I changed the name of the school and dormitory and added another mission for students in this novel. Dormitory made a team to develop a virtual reality presentation using game-engine, Beyond, and they submitted it to the tournament. That dormitory was known as a good team working hard to model, texturing, and lighting with by dormitory life. But that year, the dormitory team lost. The reason was clear, their concept was old. And second-grade student Mamoru, protagonist, was assigned next chair of the dormitory who should lead the contest in next year…

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