Panel: Localization Paths of Science Fiction in Non-English-Speaking Countries

My third panel of Chengdu WorldCon 2023 was the Localization Paths of Science Fiction in Non-English-Speaking Countries.

Participants were Emad El-Din Aysha, Zoha Kazemi, Francis John Guillem Gene-Rowe, and me. The moderator was Regina Kanyu Wang.

After introducing of participants, Emad got the first introduction to a brief history of Egyptian SFF and remarkable current works with a screen presentation. And Zoha followed, a fascinating speech.

I only gave a brief situation speech. I had prepared a presentation of a brief history of Japanese SFF but didn’t use it. Because the theme of the title and the theme of the panel was changed from “Local Development Path of SF” to “Localization Paths of SF”. Presentations were for the former, but I understood both themes are necessary for discussing about the future. As I have read Emad’s and Zoha’s presenting papers, and aware those were very important for this convention, the first-international WorldCon. Of course, Japanese SFF is as important as those are but it is better known for audiences than both. Then, I focused on several necessary points of SFF media for the introduction.

The main theme, the discussion around the translation path was tough. Especially around Zoha, she can’t get a contract with Western agents because of sanctions, even can’t even send money. I really find that the Japanese situation is easier than in other countries.

Moderator Regina, and Francis who roles as good advisors worked well. They weaved two layered themes and made an incredible panel discussion.

The audience was remarkable. I attached their photos to this post.

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