about Distance Lies

Latest work published on e-book market, Kindle and Apple Books in Japan. The title is post pandemic fiction Distance Lies.

2038, a Japanese pandemic statistics analyst Wu Takao was invited to refugee camp besides border of Kazakhstan,

My challenge in writing this work was to sketch up the world after this pandemic finished. ​The most important one is that we will not be able to ignore infection diseases until now. We learned that staying home is the most effective way to guard our society against viruses or bacteria. This method works before the vaccine came.

I imagine if we found the micro-management method for quarantine for each disease. And I set an engineer protagonistwho operate statistical models of a citizen movement. And I described upcoming futuristic gadgets, antigen tattoo, exoskeleton for quarantine hotel staff, anti-sniper bullet system…

Of course fictions are not only for Projecting the future, I want to read drama rather than tech words. Protagonist Should fall into danger. I bring him to the refugee camp caught by new measles, and let e finds the strange fact around the diseases.

I hope you to read this in translation, in future.

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